WIP Week: Color Trouble


Sorry I missed my Thursday post.  My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a weekend trip to Boston.  I’ll share more on that soon, but for now I’ll be making up for it with extra posts this week.

After visiting the UFO landing zone, it’s time to share some previously unshared projects and to update some that haven’t been on the blog in a while.  This week will be WIP week here on the blog.   Today’s WIP is a project I’ve stitched 3 times before.  Twice as a gift and once for myself.  A new foldable ortbox pattern from ANG, my previous one got left on a train, wow, 9 years ago.  I didn’t realize it had been that long.   If you aren’t familiar with an ortbox, it is for collecting all of the little bits of leftover thread trimmings.  You make 4 sides (I’m not sure why I started five) and a bottom then sew them together.  This was started a year or two ago, the colors aren’t what I’d choose today.  For starters the red triangles have to go.  What do you think of the green and white?  Any  other suggestions?

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