OAL2016 Plans and Excuses 2

Crocheted garments often look like crap.  That old blocky, bulky shapeless look?  No thanks.  I will totally rock some granny wear (I’ve made about 20 shawls), but tops need to work with the curves of my plus-sized hourglass.  Even sewn garments are hard to fit to an hourglass.  Fitting at the few inches of waist between my hips and bust, while still being able to get the hips and bust in place isn’t pattern friendly.  I’m learning.   And it’s time I learned this for crochet as well.  This will be my first crocheted top, for me.  I’ve done a small pile of baby cardis.  Toddler and baby clothes are great for learning, but they are useless for learning to sew or crochet for curves.  Eventually you just have to woman up and dive in.  Failure is a very real possibility, frustration as I fit and refit is expected.

The Ada Lacy Shells Top  pattern says the modeled S/M, which fits with 3″ of negative ease can comfortably fit up to a 38″ bust, even though the finished size lists as fitting a 32″ bust circumference.  The nearest I can guess is that maybe it has 3″ of negative ease back and 3″ front (even though it is crocheted in the round).  Any guesses?  I’m not sure if this is poorly expressed or poorly understood, but either way the math seems a bit off, which means a certain amount of guess work is going into the construction.   Luckily, all sizes start out the same so at least changes can be made starting after that.  Wish me luck.

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