MMMay2016: Final Days

Kitchen Apprentice in Action

We made it.  A few dresses and a skirt which are still waiting to be mended haven’t shown up along with a dressy skirt, a formal dress and possibly some of my winter me mades.  Maybe me made January could be helpful for my wardrobe building.

Worn by A & O & I

Sunday 5/29 Concert Rose, Dottie

Monday 5/30 Camping, Union St. , Kitchen Apprentice, Dragon Apron

Tuesday 5/31 Gone Birding, Gekita

Gone Birding Capris

 Among the things I found in the back of my closet were pants from last Springs Kid’s Clothes Week, Gone Birding have gone from full length pants to capri’s, which makes them even more summer friendly.  Our experience with girl clothes has been very different from our experience with boy clothes.    There are so many more clothes to make for girls, but they also last longer because they can transition. Dresses become tops.  Pants become capri pants.  That is in addition to them lasting because A grows far more slowly  than O ever did.  Apart from shorts, which just kept getting shorter, while his waist didn’t get much bigger O has rarely had much that was around for an entire season without his belly, wrists or ankles sticking out in an inconvenient fashion.

Lessons from MMM2016:

  • Try new outfits.
  • Sew more linen dresses.
  • Check  the back of the closet.
  • Girl’s pants transition too
  • Make an effort to wear me mades in winter to help evaluate the other half of my wardrobe.
  • Buy a pair of summer flats.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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