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New Patterns for Stash

While we were on vacation last week, my grandmother mentioned that the local Hancock Fabrics was going out of business.  Closing fabric stores aren’t good news, but sales are and closings go hand in hand.  There aren’t Hancocks in our area, but as it was another rainy day it seemed worth checking out.  After perusing my Handmade Wardrobe Ideas Pinterest Page , I had a list of Big 5 patterns to look for.  Taking that and my pattern inventory I sent a relatively short time at Hancocks and found three patterns from my list.  Of course I found a few others that weren’t on the list.   This was a great exercise for me, because while dresses still dominated, it encouraged me to purchase separates.

Marvel Denim 2016-05-19 036

Only one piece of fabric came home with me.  The colors are all wrong for me, but I’m thinking of making a very geek skirt.  I simply couldn’t pass up superheroes on denim.  It’s a relatively heavy denim or it’d be great for a shirtdress, maybe with a blue panel near the top to separate the reds and greens from my face and to emphasize the blues in the pattern.

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