KCW Imposter

PurlSOHO Bonnet

This wasn’t planned, but A was supposed to need a sunhat for vacation and the broad brim on the Purl SOHO Baby Sun Bonnet seemed to fit the bill.  The plan was and is to make her a Jilly Atlanta Lottie Bonnet, which has adorable pintucks, but that didn’t seem like enough for hot southern sun.  A is prone to overheating.  Hopefully white cotton lawn will help keep this bonnet cool on hot days.

What happened to KCW?  O really wants dragons, like those on his old apron, on his new apron.  Any dragon fabric I find seems to get used up immediately so the apron is a no go for now.  A Violette Field Threads Cosette nightgown or the planned Lottie were up next, but all further KCW sewings were canceled, due to sunshine.  Instead of sewing, I took the kids out to play in the sandbox and the pool one day.  We went to a street fair the next day.  It was about my kids.  It was about me.  It was right for us.

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