MMM-Summer Arrives

Vintage Turnabout Dress

It’s been a good mmm week.  I found some more Mommy mades for A in the back of my closet and O decided to join in too.   While cleaning out the house last month , a box of clothes I’d put away as being not useful while nursing turned up for me too.  Those clothes, in particular 2 of my favorite summer dresses a linen RTW and my brown Mendocino, had been very missed.  If you’ve been following along you’ll have seen the Mendocino sundress show up, but the linen, which has managed to stay white through 10 years of wear,  didn’t get worn until a search for unworn me-mades led me to my Savannahs.   This dress will likely get worn almost as often as  Nightlife and Autumn Sky, which are also pocketed dresses and are made from linen blends.  The number of times I had to pass over my linen RTW and my thoughts on not being able to wear Autumn Sky now that summer is here tell me that this week’s lesson is “Make more linen dresses. “

What we wore A, O, and I

Sunday 22   Nightlife

Monday 23 Dalek, Reversible Iris Dress (see previous mmm posts for this year)

Tuesday 24 Date Night, Valentine

Wednesday 25 Lucky #3, Vintage Turnabout

Thursday 26 White Savannah, Valentine, Darksiders

Friday 27 Black Savannah,

Saturday 28 Nightlife

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