MMM on Vacation

Purple Batik Skirt

Purple Batik Skirt worn here with a shirt that obviously doesn’t fit anymore.  #stillcomfortable

Two Three questions:

  1. What do you do for photos when it rains for weeks on end?

2. Do you have anything that no longer fits, but is still so comfortable you wear it anyway?  The RTW top above is several sizes to big (and has holes in it), but I haven’t found a good pattern to hack for the style yet to make one.

3.  Have you seen a drapey knit top pattern with a fitted waistband and open shoulder sort of connected at the bottom (as in they are one piece) petal-ish sleeves (I don’t know what these are called)?

For MMM week three we went to North Carolina to visit my grandparents and enjoying some sun and swimming.  The rain followed us, there, and back again.   All that rain did justify a little fabric and pattern shopping, which I’ll share soon.

What we wore A & I

Sunday  15 George Appleton, Purple Peasant (unblogged, I think)

Monday 16  Purple Batik Skirt (shown above) with an elastic waistband and in seam pockets this is super comfy for traveling

Tuesday 17 Flora, Sea Shawl, Dottie

Wednesday 18 Nightlife, Iris, Lola

Thursday 19 Gekita

Friday 20 Green Gardens

Saturday 21 Nightlife again –so comfortable and receiving of so many compliments-perfect for a 12 hour car ride.

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