Finishing Year: News from the UFO Landing Zone

Iris Schawl

Spring cleaning is more thorough this year.  Out with the old, to make room for the new.  Having two small children has meant less time, changing crafts and a changing me.  I’m reveling in donating and even in throwing out (though there has been much less of that).  As I am starting to have a little brainspace for me and a little lapspace for projects, I cherish things as I couldn’t before, I am choosing to be more delibrate and hopefully more discerning. With this frame of mind it has been fun to revisit UFO’s.  Do you ever hold onto a project you no longer want to finish? This is the mood to be in when you meet again-see ya’ old stuff.  Projects that became boring have that feeling of starting a new project with the bonus of already having a head start.  When you finish a UFO you also get the high clearing out what had become detritus and making everything else easier to get to and work on.

The corner by my recliner had become a UFO landing zone with 8 unfinished stitching projects and almost as many unfinished crochet projects piled one upon one another.   Each had been set aside as I ran into problems or more pressing projects took their place or simply as little fingers and clingy little bodies denied me opportunity.

The strawberry bread cloth I blogged a couple of weeks ago was the first finish from the UFO corner.

lacy and iris

My second finish is the lovely Iris Shawl I wore last Friday in shades of red, pink and green (close up at the top of this post).  This one definitely ended up in the corner because I used fingering weight yarn rather than DK and made no attempt to compensate for that change.  Yarn short falls just after a large yarn purchase don’t get dealt with for a while (apparently 3 years).  Blocking is waiting for some space to clear up in the craft room.

Corner Project Count:

Cross-stitch Snowflake Tree

Needlepoint Ort Box

Cross-stitch Sleeping Dragon

Embroidered Catherine Jordan Workhop Piece

Embroidered bookmark

Cross-stitch Dimensions Woodland Enchantress WIP (last seen here)

Grapevine Tablecloth WIP

Also lurking and falling behind schedule is my GCC Meadow Medley WIP

Crocheted Snood (frogged that)

Knitted beaded lace bracelet

Crocheted Circles Afghan

Crocheted Apiary Quilt

Crocheted bookmark

Test Shawl


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