MMM Week 2

Mud Puddle Stroll 2016-05-13

Friday on the runway, during a not quite rainy moment, we have A wearing Lady Engineer styled with fire engine rainboots and a pink mudsuit.  She is escorted by her older brother O.

Mud Puddle Play 2016-05-13

There have been a lot of very impressive MMM round ups for week 2.  Also a lot of people apologizing for the lack of pictures.  You’ll get no apologies from me.  A number of pictures were taken this week, some came out.   Week 2 and still going strong with 1 or 2 me-mades a day for me, each day.  That may seem not aspiring and low, but many of my me-mades are dresses. A made a decent showing donning mommy-mades 4 days this week.

Last year MMM helped me discover the holes in my wardrobe.  Currently, I know where the holes are, but am holding off on sewing, which is hard as all of these me-mades are making me itch to sew again.  What I’ve been learning this MMM is new ways to style some of my me-mades that don’t come up in the rotation as often.  I’ve found a few new favorite outfits.  What has MMM taught you?

Hang in there with me.  It won’t be MMM (or rainy) forever.  I have 2 finishes to share (crochet and sewing) and 2 stitching WIP’s ready for an update.  Check back to see them popping up on the blog later this month.

The following me-mades were worn by A & I

Sunday 8 Date Night Dress & Flora Appleton – Kids need hugs, even if they are in mud suits and came from the barn.  It’s just an opportunity for more me-made goodness.

Iris Wrap Dress Close Up

Monday 9 Nightlife, Iris Wrap Dress (shown above), 421 Tote

Tuesday 10 Rose Petals

Wednesday 11 Green Faux-Bubble Skirt (which is what you get when you forget to prewash the lining fabric before trying a European turned lining) , Ocean Dark, 421 Tote

Thursday 12 Floral Washi , 421 Tote

Friday 13 Lacey, Lady Engineer, 421 Tote, Shawl (as yet unblogged)

lacy and iris

And my complete failure to practice the bathroom selfie is made very evident

Saturday 14 Concert Rose,  Vintage Leftovers

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2 Responses to MMM Week 2

  1. Hila says:

    Lol your post made me laugh😁. Completely relate to the muddy kids hugs! My MMM is still going strong and like you I am finding new ways to style my me mades.

    • You have a pretty awesome collection of me mades to work with. I look forward to seeing some more of your new styling choices. Glad you got a laugh out of it. This month seems to be pretty full of real life in all it’s muddy messy glory. 🙂

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