MMM Week 1

It’s Me Made May again.  This year’s pledge .  Cold weather invites long sleeves allowing me to wear things that definitely won’t be worn while I’m on vacation in NC or possibly even here later this month, should spring ever decide to show up.  This was a very strange week with far more jeans than I tend to prefer, but I’m cleaning out the house and skirts make carting boxes up and downstairs difficult.  Me made shirts for summer are definitely on my list for when I start sewing for me again.  I’m considering doing up Henrietta Maria Dress/Top by Scoop as a top maybe with a shirred waist.

Sunday Lucky # 3 , Flannel Matilda

Monday 2 Autumn Sky, Valentine Matilda , Flannel Matilda

Tuesday 3 Gekita, Flannel Matilda

Wednesday 4 Midnight Garden

Thursday 5 Hide & Seek, Lady Engineer

Friday 6 Dalek Skirt a sewn about 15 years ago, featured here in Superman pose  in honor of our evening plans to watch a superhero movie ( about 12 hours from now as I am pre-morning coffee here).

Superman pose dalek skirt

The skirt is not brown, but rather a maroon quilted shiny something.  Check out this top stitching.  It was necessary to get the seems to lay flat.

dalek skirt color and top stitching


A wore obstinate dottie

Saturday 7 Brown Mendocino -Apparently this one never got blogged and it’s in the laundry now. It followed the blue Mendocino you can see at the bottom of this post.  It is above the knees and has petal sleeves.  If I were it again this month I’ll try to get a picture.  I wore it with my Sea Shawl , Vintage Leftovers  

So far so good.  I did all seven days, even though jeans feel like cheating and if we count PJ’s A did 6 out of 7 days.  A strong start.

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