Grape Abundance

EGA Grapes Pre

Each year my EGA chapter donates a stitched piece to a local museum to accompany a needlework exhibit.  This year one of our members suggested, and donated, Grape Expectations by Hillside Samplings.  When she brought the pattern in I thought it would be perfect as a year round decoration.  As I’ve mentioned before, most of the pieces I’ve kept over the years have been fall or Halloween.  Ebay was happy to provide me with a copy of my own, but it hasn’t made it to the top of my stitching queue yet.  When volunteers were asked for to stitch some more of the sampler for donation, it felt a little like cheating ahead to get to work on this.  It turns out mine is the last turn of nine.  I started with the G and ended up here

EGA Grapes Post

Not any of the most interesting parts, but I’ll stitch those later when I stitch my own.

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