Hand-Me-Down Strawberries

Strawberries Too 2016-04-30

One day many years ago, my grandmother handed a friend and I a matched pair of cross-stitch kits.  We must have been about 11.  They featured dolls sitting on chairs.  We worked diligently for much of our time at her house.  Many years later when she moved to North Carolina she downsized her stash and among the things she passed on to me was a pair of bread cloths that had been started with a corner of this strawberry pattern.

Strawberry Breadcloth 2016-04-30

They didn’t come with the pattern, so I graphed it and then tried to color match.  I finished one of the cloths some time in the last few years and found this one again last month.  Amusingly the pattern that goes with this turned up last week as I was cleaning out my craft room (There’s still a long way to go on that one.).  There is another pattern with a blue border that is lovely in the leaflet .  How many bread cloths does one need?

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