Meadow Medley WIP

2016-04-27 011

While my heart leads me to stamped vintage linens and a me-made wardrobe, growth is also important.  Enter the EGA (Embroiders’ Guild of America) and a group correspondence course.  My collection of spring/summer embroideries is almost non-existent.  The Meadow Medley surface embroidery GCC drew me in and it has been teaching me a fair bit, both good and bad.  This is my first class/course that gives me very specific instructions with no wiggle room for colors or stitches.  There is no creative aspect, which is proving challenging.  Also, I may hate outline stitch, though I was fine with it before.  I’m about a month behind schedule, but it’s coming along.

2016-04-27 013

Queen Anne’s Lace

2016-04-27 017


2016-04-27 015

Golden Rod

2016-04-27 021

Cute Little Leaves

2016-04-27 023

Work Yet To Be Done

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