Leaf Potholders WIP

2 leaf potholders WIP


Last fall I threw out a potholder from the 80’s that was so dirty it had mold growing on it.  The rest of the potholders at camp weren’t that bad, but they have been collecting dirt (possibly without being washed) since about the same time-eww. Camp is a long standing tradition in my husband’s family.  The family cabin, while lacking running water and electricity, is well stocked.  Its full kitchen includes a wood cook stove and more pots and pans than I keep in my kitchen at home.  Most of the things are hand-me-downs from one home or another and many are nearly as old as I.  We’ve been slowly upgrading and this little corner of the kitchen is due.  Yes, I could pick up some cheap pot holders at many stores, but some of those I was replacing were clearly home sewing projects.  This seemed like a great time to use up a few leftover quilt blocks or to test out new blocks.  Then I ran into a couple of adorable scrappy leaf pot holders on Buttons and Butterflies.  They would fit in perfectly with camp, so I’m starting with those.

The picture above is my first two tops.   The strips are probably a bit narrow and might make the leaves a bit too busy.  hmm…These didn’t take long to piece and were fairly brainless.  It did take me a few minutes thinking to figure out how many strips to cut and how long to make them since the directions are a bit vague in that department.   We’ll see how they turn out after quilting.

2016-04-20 003

Next up choosing a backing, creating the quilt sandwich and then quilting them.  I’m hoping to have at least a few ready to go with us next time we head to camp.



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