SSW Success: Pockets Galore

241 Front

This deluxe version of the Noodlehead 241 Tote has all of the pockets.  Being the major pocket fan that I am this was a huge selling point for me.  The pattern comes with 2 optional zip pockets, 2 optional side pockets and an optional interior slip pocket.   I chose them all.  I’m not completely sold on the two zip pockets on the same side.  They seem to want to fight for space, but after using this for a while I’ll have a better idea as to pocket needs and preferences and may cut back on the next version (I’m considering linen with embroidery.), which should speed up construction.

241 insides

29 pieces (including interfacing) were cut for this version, which took a fair amount of time.  Construction itself was easy and could be streamlined now that I’ve been through the process once.  New skills like installing lined zipper pockets and a magnetic snap closure kept this interesting, but if you want to cut back significantly on construction time skip the zip pockets and definitely use canvas or heavier cloth that doesn’t need interfacing (14 fewer pieces).  The only change I would make next time is to place the magnetic snap 1″ down from the top edge rather than 1.5″, which would keep it at the very edge once sewn, giving it a cleaner appearance when closed.


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