Technique Neophyte: Dueling Coasters

Tunisian Crochet Coaster

The joys (or hand cramps) of being new again.  In the last week I’ve had a lessons in two new techniques.  The first was in Tunisian crochet.  The basic stitch is easy, but requires concentration, which leads to tension and very tight stitches and sore hands.  This class was offered at my local yarn store and we made a coaster.  It took about two hours used only the basic single and a single row of Tunisian slip stitch.  My hooking hand was numb by the end of hour one (carpal tunnel-yay!).  I’m not sure I’ll pick this up again.  Maybe.

Shadow Work Suits2016-04-06

The second was in Shadow Work embroidery.  I’d never even heard of this, which is impressive as I’ve belonged to various stitching guilds for 11 years now.  It is simple and it was quick and it is lovely.  It’s the sort of thing you see most often on vintage children’s garments.  The front of the design is primarily (or exclusively) backstitch and the back of the design is herringbone stitch.

Backlit Shadow Work Practice 2016-04-06

It is done on transparent fabrics so that the colors of the threads show through the fabric, subtly coloring in the outlines created by the backstitch.  I’ve borrowed a book and am already contemplating designs and what I can do with them.  Though I’m considering trying the Urban Threads Dragon mini I used to mend a pair of O’s jeans a couple of years ago.  Then I might be able to figure out how to apply it to Kindergarten boy apparel.

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