Vintage Finds: Vintage Linens Collection

2016-03-31 021Do you have vintage linens?  Have you ever stitched linens?  When people see me working on a pillowcase, they often share a story about stitching linens when they were small or crocheting miles of lace edging.  It’s been a while since it was fashionable, but hand stitched linens provide hints of functional beauty throughout the home.  Vintage linens have been finding a new home with me fairly often lately.  Stitching them will be helping to keeping me sane while I try to resist sewing clothes for myself.   As my collection has grown substantially, it will take a lot of time to work my way through them.  In the interest of being able to peruse them easily without unpacking boxes and so that I can share them with you, I’ve created a Vintage Linens Page.  If this is the sort of thing that interests you click the link above to check it out.

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3 Responses to Vintage Finds: Vintage Linens Collection

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  2. This reminds me that I have a small stash of linens, half embroidered. Mostly doilies though, nothing big and useful. I had to make a rule not to buy any more because I wasn’t working on them. maybe I’ll pull them out again!

    • I’d love to see your doilies. I haven’t seen many vintage table toppers for embroidery. I’ve made myself the same no buying until I’ve used them promise with regards to my transfer patterns, but can’t quite buckle down and do it for the linens.

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