Do You Craftsy?

Lace Akita

Things I should admit to:

Buying too much fabric

Buying too many patterns

Buying too many Craftsy classes

Not having enough time to make all the things

Instead I would defend my purchases, and claim I’ll never die as there is too much left undone.

Do you Craftsy?  Or Creative Bug?  Craftsy’s first couple of block a month quilting classes taught me lots of things including better ways to do things I’d learned to do in classes at my local quilting store.  Cost:  nothing.  This was the starter drug.  Fifty-eight…that is how many Craftsy classes I am enrolled in.   At least 21 of those were freebies, probably closer to half of them.  33 of them have been watched many of those in their entirety and many of those that haven’t are freebies.  Gardening and whole grains aren’t likely to beat out sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting anytime soon.

Currently the advance level garment classes are where it is at for me.  I have all 7 of the Suzy Furrer classes.  They are amazing.  Four of them remain unwatched, but that is only because they build off of others and working my way through them takes time.  It took 5 months to pin my husband down to get the last few measurements I’d need for the bodice and skirt slopers (which led to me enrolling in the Fitting Solo Class with Linda Lee).  But the next day I drafted a skirt sloper.  It sits on my cutting table waiting to be sewn to check the fit.

I need to move it to the garbage, but I can’t, because I’m in morning for my TNT patterns and the sundresses I’ve been dreaming of.  I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is a struggle.  I’m in a good place.  Unfortunately, I can finally loose weight, and am.  It’s healthy and good, but the small stock of TNT patterns I’ve been building aren’t TNT anymore and my weight will be in flux for some time.  There isn’t really any point in sewing clothes that may not fit in a month.  I may continue getting smaller, or I may get bigger, but whatever it is won’t fit for long.  This is frustrating to a surprising degree.  I love my me-made wardrobe, it’s just a few things-just basics-but it was starting to move into alignment with my style and things get worn constantly.

Consolation is coming in the form of sewing A’s spring/summer wardrobe and a few special things for O.  Mostly I’m doing more needlework and crochet.  Maybe I’ll finally learn to knit.  Sometimes, however, I can’t resist.  Like when I saw a lovely white cotton with a crosshatching of pintucks and lace.  I decided to chance another Akita it’s not fitted and doesn’t require a major time investment.  Lacey isn’t as accommodating as Gekita.   Lacey doesn’t drape.  Akita wants drape.

I should have sized down and re-FBAed. I tried to compensate for not having changed sizes and for the lack of drape by giving her some waist shaping.  I ended up doing a bit more than shows in the picture on the right.  It helped some.  The picture on the left shows Lacey with shaping on your right and without on your left. She may get another trim.

 A few more me-mades will inevitably show up, but I apologize in advance for their coming sparsity here (or if you’d rather not see them, this is your notice for celebration).  Be patient they will be back with a vengeance.

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3 Responses to Do You Craftsy?

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  2. Heal well! And when you finally hit that sweet spot where you Hashimoto is controlled and your weight is stable, maybe you’ll find it easy to alter some of those self made clothes to fit your new body?

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