Crush Squish Pour Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake

It’s birthday season.  4 birthdays and two holidays in 4 weeks.  Things get busy, but things are also getting made.  Unfortunately, photos aren’t cooperating.  I’ve done two shoots for 3 items and not had a decent picture to the bunch.  Finished, but not yet posted are 2 crocheted items, 1 sewn item, 1 stitched and crocheted item.  There are also many WIPs and Vintage Finds.  Try try again.  It won’t get done on this grey and windy day as I’m off to a class on Tunisian Crochet.  For now, I leave you with the world’s easiest homemade ice cream cake.

Crush Squish Pour Ice Cream Cake


1 springform pan of the desired size

1 icing spatula (optional)

1 rubber scrapper

1 tinfoil covered cardboard round (the rounds from frozen pizza are perfect)

1 gallon Ziplock bag

waxed paper

2 kitchen towels

a tap with hot water, to heat the towels in

freezer space



most of a package of Oreos (or a whole package if you have it)

2 tubs of ice cream in your choice of flavors-  I used a 1.5 qt of mint chip and a 2 quart of panda paws, if your springform pan is small use less, if it is large you might be able to make more layers.

1 tub of cool whip


1 day early

Leave both tubs of ice cream on the counter until they get slightly squishy (about 20 minutes, but it depends on how cold it started out.  You should be able to press in the sides of the tub considerably when it’s ready.  Meanwhile, dump the Oreos into the baggie and take out some aggression on them.  Crush until content.  Drink a glass of wine or cup of tea, or whatever you want.  Upend tub number 1 into your springform pan and use the rubber scrapper to squish it into place.   If the ice cream is  appropriately squishy this should require some pressure, but not much.  Dump the Oreo crumbs in a roughly even layer over the ice cream and press into place.  Upend the second tub of icecream and squish into place.  Level the top (which will be the bottom).  Cover with a sheet of waxed paper.  Freeze.

  1-8 hours before serving

 Remove cake from freezer.  Get towels wet in hot water and wrap around the pan.  Repeat a few times so that the edges of the cake become soft and loosen from the pan.  Remove spring form and upend cake onto tinfoil covered cardboard round.  Ice with cool whip.  Freeze.

5 minutes before serving

Remove cake from freezer to soften for cutting.  Slice with a dry knife, wiping blade between cuts.

Note:  If at any point the cake or ice cream is getting too squishy just pop the cake in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

I was worried my picky eater would be unhappy about not having cake or about cool whip rather than whipped cream, or about whipped cream, but he said it was “the best cake in the world” and asked what the “white stuff” was because “It is soo tasty and I love it.”  Luckily his mood swung in my favor this time round.  Win for Mom.

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