Gussied Up Lady Engineer

Lady Engineer 2016-03-17 004

The Violette Field Threads Maisie showed up just in time for our upcoming train themed birthday party.  O gets a new pair of striped overalls traditional for engineers.   A’s lady engineer gear  will be a Maisie in royal blue seersucker.

maisie materials

Premade white bias tape might have made this a bit fancier, but I decided to make my own.  The pattern gives instructions for making bias tape.  Starting  with a larger square would mean longer strips and less piecing with the added bonus of fun striped bias tape leftovers.  Starting  with a 60″ square may have been overkill. I had leftovers from the 2 finished strips on the top  and a pile of cut strips leftover.  No bias tape seams were required.

Seer sucker Biastape 2016-03-15 001

My first exposed zipper, my are they easy.

Lady Engineer Back 2016-03-17 010

Up close.

Lady Engineer Exposed zip 2016-03-17 012

The seersucker is a bit less fancy than many of the Maisies I’ve seen, but I’m looking forward to taking try ons.

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5 Responses to Gussied Up Lady Engineer

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  4. Thanks! The credit really goes to Violette Field Threads for designing patterns that make even simple patterns look adorable.

  5. amanda ward says:

    This is absolutely precious! 💕

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