Vintage Stitches WIP

Blossoms in Cross Stitch Blank 2016-01-27 017

Project 3 from the lot of vintage linens has been underway for about a month and a half.  If the writing on the pattern is any indication the design is from 4/27/64.

It is Lee Wards 01-3088 “Blossoms in Cross Stitch”.  The stitches on this are roughly half the size of those on the Rose Bouquet pillowcases , which means there are more stitches per inch and it takes a bit longer.

2016-03-10 004

The first pillowcase is fully stitched and the second is progressing nicely.  I’ve used the recommended colors for this set, mostly for novelty’s sack.

2016-03-10 003

Some DMC #8 Perle Cotton in 517 to match the blue stitching, is on order for the crocheted edging in hopes that repeating the blue will help the floral sprays to pop.  If that doesn’t work I may swap it out for white.

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