Evolving Shadow Cape

Shadow Cape WIP

Shadow Cloak after today’s session, waiting to be ironed.

Do your kids sew?  When did they start?  At almost 5, it is nigh impossible for O to sit still, but he recently managed to hand sew 6 valentine hearts.  It took a little coercion to get through all of them, but he was so proud of his work and the fact that he’d had learned a pretty decent whipstitch.    As a reward he gets a machine lesson.  The lesson ended up a bit impromptu and didn’t include him sewing on paper as planned.

In an effort to distract O while a diaper was being changed in the other room.  I brought him into the sewing room and asked him to pick a scrap basket.  One of his playmates has informed him that “Pink is for girls.” so he picked black/grey, a safe choice.  (It’s so sad to see him being pushed into not being himself.)  We got out the small, noisy, learner machine that is “his.” He put on his PJ’s and used the potty while I ironed the scraps.  We sewed two pieces…and two more.  Soon we had a little patch work.  Improvising as we went, I told him we were sewing a shadow cape, a little like Batman.    Apparently the marketing was correct.

Now as a treat when he’s been good, or when we can steal a few minutes without baby sister, we sew a few more pieces.  If we have a large chunk of time I iron, and trim and we sew some more.  Otherwise it’s prepped between sessions to give him the most sewing time possible and the biggest pay off for the time he invests.  It reminds me of my grandmother doing seam ripping for me when I learned to sew or unpicking misplaced stitches in my early embroideries.

shadow cape next seams layout.

The layout for our next additions.

I will be linking this to one of my favorite linky parties-  Scraptastic Tuesday .

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3 Responses to Evolving Shadow Cape

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  2. Thanks for hosting #scraptastictuesday it is always inspiring.

  3. Nicky says:

    How cool to be making a shadow cape! Bravo for catching his interest! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

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