KCW Day 7: Balmy Day Rosemary

More details, fewer headaches.  That is how this Violette Field Threads Rosemary felt after my battle with Obstinate Dottie.  These pintucks are a first and certainly won’t be a last.   Pintucks are one of many details that make me smile and these were a great starter set.  The only challenge here was cutting out the front bodice lining.  It took four times. Twice I cut a Matilda bodice and then I cut a Rosemary front bodice.  Luckily the Rosemary bodice could be laid over the lining bodice and cut with room for a seam, then seamed.  It’s an odd mistake to make so many times, but it’s been that kind of week.  Finished, this will pair with dottie for all non-birthday spring festivities.

I’d hoped to finish one more project this KCW; either a vintage apron or a VFT Maisie as a engineer’s dress for their trains-themed birthday party.  I’m lucky to have accomplished as much as I did, since so much cutting and prep didn’t get done ahead and 4 extra items popped into our schedule.  Still today is a perfect day to finish as the weather is balmy and the sun is the shiniest it has been in ages.  I  hope this seasons KCW and the weather have treated you well and that you’ve had lots of fun.

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3 Responses to KCW Day 7: Balmy Day Rosemary

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  2. Thanks. I wish all of the VFT dresses were wearable for adults. I’m living vicariously though A’s wardrobe.

  3. ~A says:

    The dress looks so sweet! I wish it would fit me… I love the colors you chose.

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