KCW Day 4: Obstinate Dottie


This sea green cotton with its parade of party dots really wanted to be more playful than the rosebuds or the pinks.  It insisted on flutter sleeves, rather than the planned puff sleeves, and is looking forward to a March debut among the daffodils.  While I love Dottie, Matilda and I may not speak for some time. Those waist gathers just like to pleat up when sewn with a 1″ seam allowance and fighting with them and sewing them again and again until they are just so is frustrating.  That portion may have taken as long as the rest of the sewing did altogether.  If anyone has any hints for sewing gathers with that wide a seam allowance, please share.  Gathers complete, Dottie is ready and waiting for her matching Rosemary, which got a start today before I discovered I’d cut lining for the Matilda rather than the Rosemary and that taxes would need to be done before I could fix that error.  Luckily I have yards of cotton lawn waiting to be taken out of the dryer. A quick iron and we’ll be back in the game.

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5 Responses to KCW Day 4: Obstinate Dottie

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