KCW: Slow Start: Pink Crusaders

Pink Crusaders

There were plans.  Then there was what seems to be a monthly thing this winter…sickness.  We seem to be coming out of the sick phase for the month, but there has been a lot of necessary catch up.  Day 1: prep didn’t happen, posts didn’t get written and sewing didn’t happen.  Fabric arrived for one more project, a late addition to the pile of hopefuls.

 Blue Seersucker

Day 2: laundry and prep caught up, new fabric washed and 2 capes sewn.  Progress feels so good.  Two little pink heroes are napping so the photos had to be improvised.  The pattern was a very simple self-drafted cape made of 2 rectangles.  The first was the width of the fabric the second was 17″ by half the width of the fabric.  I sewed the back of the hood, then gathered the top of the cape to fit.  For the smaller cape I then added a pair of pleats to the smaller cape to fit it to A.  Crocheted catches and an antique buttons-I happened to have a pair with one being a tad larger than the other-and I was done.  If this fabric frayed at all, or if life had been a little mellower, I’d likely have hemmed the front and bottom edges.


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