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Mug Varietals

These mugs say a lot about me.  They are colorful, useful and were handmade locally.  Each year I would buy a mug from my favorite potter at the farmers market.   These four happen to be clean, and unbroken.   We have at least 3 more mugs from this potter. One is blue and has subtle purple and red accents with an hour glass shape.  It was my first pottery mug and is still my favorite due to the increased stability afforded by its wide bottom.  One is the same as the red mug, only taller.  One has the same coloring as the white mug, but is rounded and has lost a handle and lives on a shelf in the bathroom collecting tweezers and nail clippers and such.  It’s okay if they don’t match.  It’s okay if they are broken.  They are beautiful.  They are useful.  Four green or red or purple or white mugs would have been boring and harder to tell apart.  I’m thrown when I am somewhere, where the cups match and I need to know which coffee is mine.  This just makes it simpler.

Our napkins are a similar jumble.  We use cloth napkins for every meal every day.  It’s a lot of napkins.  Originally I had daily use and fancy use napkins.  Now O or even A will be asked to put napkins out for the meal, which meant letting go of neat stacks, proper table placement and daily vs. fancy.  As O is moving from folding square items to more complicated ones. I let go of proper directional folding of napkins.  But I wanted to talk about some napkin things I never let go of.   There were rules and I didn’t know them.

2016-02-12 010

Like our mugs our daily napkins are a variety of colors, but a single pattern.  You may notice that these are flannel.  Twelve or so years ago, when I made these, I believed napkins were made from fabric and wanted something absorbent.  Joann’s had these lovely coordinating flannels in bright colors.  It was years before I realized that flannel isn’t a (usually) napkin fabric.  Flannel should be.  In addition to being absorbent, these don’t slide off your lap and never need to be ironed.

unfolded flannel napkin

Other sewing things that weren’t on my radar included prewashing (or possibly impatience played a part) and squaring up of fabric.  While these started out looking like nice napkiny rectangles they have shifted a bit over the years.  Look at that ugly black zigzag around the edges.  It’s a neutral right?  So it goes with yellow?

After 12 years and a million washes, only one of these has shown a stain-an ink spot, which only I can find.  Not bad for three yards of fabric.   Would you consider flannel napkins? If you would what flannel would you make yours from?

Thanks for joining me for this little trip down memory lane.

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