Valentine Matilda

Valentine Matilda 2016-02-07 001

It’s not crooked it just hangs that way because I couldn’t find a smaller hanger.

A’s lastest Violette Field Threads is  another Matilda with a 2t width and 3t length for the bodice and skirt and a 2t width and 4t length for the sleeves and seam binding for the arm elastic casing.  I feel the narrower lace is more in proportion for this size.  Our next Matilda would have shorter sleeve elastic if it has long sleeves. This one is quilting cotton and doesn’t drape as nicely as the flannel Matilda, but it should do for Valentine’s and last into spring maybe even summer.   On the plus side my Mr. mentioned that he liked the drape of the flannel better creating an opening for a discussion about the awesomeness of drape and how drapey fabrics, particularly nice ones, are usually more expensive.  It’s nice when that weird thing you do becomes an understandable thing.  Like when you must buy the drapey fabric now, because it’s on sale, (also color, fiber, weight and drape are right).

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