Valentine’s Tea

felt heart strings

What do your children do for Valentine’s Day?  O is certain that Christmas is just around the corner.  He keeps requesting that I add things to his list for Santa.  We talk about the calendar and all the exciting events that come between now and Christmas, the next being Valentine’s.  We put up our 2 valentine’s decorations; A heart shaped sprig wreath and strings of felt hearts.  Glitter glue and hearts punched from red and pink paint chips were turned into art and placed in display frames.  Promises have been made regarding a sewing lesson for plush felt heart valentines.  That’s it.

Valentine’s is my least favorite holiday.  It has been since I was a child.  It lacks magic and ceremony.  Yes, valentines were given and received, but where were the costumes or new dresses?  the fireworks?  the songs and the stories? the decorations that take over the neighborhood? the movies?  St. Patrick’s Day at least has Darby O’Gill, Lucky Charms, parades, green rivers and green beer.

Among the stash of vintage linens I recently thrifted was a heart patterned dresser scarf which I started while I was waiting for embroidery floss to finish my rose bouquet pillowcases.  It had been started with a lovely 80’s pink and had a couple more 80’s pinks packaged with it.   Red gave it a nice and imo timeless update.  It was a wonder to stitch with the pattern being so simple and me not having to change colors or refer to a diagram. It was extremely portable and interruptible (a must with little ones).   I could relax and stitch while the kids played and they could poke at it and run little fingers over the textured stitches.  There was a stain along the fold line from sitting folded for so long, but it’s much faded and children don’t require things to be perfect in order for them to be magic.

Valentine Dresser Scarf

One half of the dresser scarf

We now have a setting for Valentine’s Tea.  We will make heart shaped sandwiches and heart shaped cookies, heart shaped fruit cut outs and heart shaped carrot slices.  Grandma and Grandpa will join us and we will all have tea.  Both children enjoy tea, so it will be actual tea.  They will get to work on cooking skills and learn more about setting the table.  O will get a sewing lesson and A will wear her new dress.  I will not care if there are new stains on our valentine dresser scarf/table runner.  I will try to give them a little magic.

What makes a holiday a holiday for you?

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