Pattern Review-Seamwork Oslo

Geo Oslo  Muslin 2016-02-07 015

That sewing slump.  It can come for many reasons. Spending lots of time doing pattern alterations, which aren’t perfect and will need to be tweeked again, having fabric issues and piles of holiday sewing are just a few of them.  I’ve had three projects fail during take off as the fabric I thought I would use wasn’t quite right.

  • Seamworks Oslo in French Terry (stashed)-Not enough fabric.
  • Lekala Woven-Changed my mind about this fabric.
  • Sis Boom Carolina Mae-The two patterned grey flannels didn’t quite work together.  Then the substitute black flannel, after having been washed 3 times to prevent bleeding was thrown in the dryer on high heat (by my husband, who never does laundry) causing it to pill up.  At least I didn’t sew it up before that happened.

Sewing was feeling like work. Time was short.  I was frustrated.  You’ve probably been there.

Then Fabricmart had a polyester geometric knit on sale that could be used to muslin the Seamwork Oslo.  I kept working on holiday projects and  did some more pattern alterations, which I’d been avoiding-FBA’s for the Lane Raglan and the Appleton Dress.  Eventually the Oslo muslin got cut.  Two weeks, later it felt like the Oslo was ready to meet my Pfaff, which suddenly seems like it should have a name (that may be the wine).

Oslo tempted me into subscribing to Seamwork.  It taunted me with all of the beautiful versions I’d see online.  It is fabulous.  Quick and easy with pleasing lines it’s also versatile and comfy.  My muslin fit decently everywhere save the shoulders which are too wide by about 3.5″.  A narrow shoulder adjustment is a new challenge and hopefully the answer to my fit issues.   If not then I’ll size off of my upper bust rather than my full bust and do an FBA. I did make some changes.  I cut an XL with a 3x sleeve length hoping to skip the cuffs.    It’s going to be hard to pass this along to the promised recipient, but my new wardrobe will have clothes that really fit, not clothes that mostly fit.

 Next up, these new 95% rayon 5% lycra fabrics from Jo Ann’s, which are begging to test the Appleton FBA.

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