Burda 09/2013 #148-Baby Sleeping Bag

folded sleeping bag

December brought a new member to the family.  Not our little family, but the extended family.  We have a new cousin-a little boy.  This calls for a quilt, only with 3 aunts at least one of whom definitely quilts, it is unlikely that he won’t have a homemade quilt.  That calls for stepping things up.   Enter Burda 09/2013 #148, the baby sleeping bag (a free pattern).  Then, enter the crazy instructions.  I had to draw myself diagrams to be certain that I understood what to do.

baby sleeping bag pattern with notations

After figuring that out and reading about the makes on the Burda site.  I decided to skip the origami in favor of snaps.  Thank you to my assistant cabbage patch child for helping me demonstrate the results.

baby sleeping bag flat

Open blanket for general baby play and storage, which looks markedly smaller on  a human and has some rather messy snaps.  These were far trickier than expected when done as I did them.  There were so many layers of fabric and trim to get just the right parts and get them lined up and straight was quite challenging and an excellent food for thought for future snap projects.

baby sleeping bag opened

With a triangle bottom the bag has a bit more room for baby feet.  For added warmth or while baby is very tiny the triangle can also be folded under the upper flaps.

folded sleeping bag with doll

Otherwise it can be left open, which can allow harness straps (i.e. carseat, swing etc.) to be wrapped securely around baby, while he is covered up.    An opening bottom could also keep his upper body warm, while diapers are changed below.  Our new cousin isn’t here to test this with or I might have added some snaps to the upper corners, which are folded down in the picture above, for fastening them down out of his way.


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2 Responses to Burda 09/2013 #148-Baby Sleeping Bag

  1. What a lovely baby blanket. This is very nice gift.

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