I hate Clothes Challenge: One Year Later

Closet Aftermath

Fall days when a brisk walk through nippy air can be balanced by a  warm cup of tea drunk while snuggled under a handmade quilt near a roaring fire are my happy place.  Those walks are less pleasant in a sleeveless shirt or wrapped in a quilt, so I’ve been a little nervous about Jack Frost’s first visits.  I now own 4 long sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve dress and 2 half sleeve dresses.  Throw in my 3 pair of jeans and I can dress for a week.

Having learned about FBA’s, sewing knits, and a multitude of pattern alterations during the last year my results are better and my makes will get worn more.  I’ve gotten to know myself in a new way. I’m starting to bring my clothes in line with my style and needs.  As the weather turns again I am starting over in my wardrobe building, but I’m also looking forward to the fact that come spring and summer, my new “old” favorites will be there waiting for me and I’ll be able to add specific pieces and tweak my wardrobe rather than panicking due to the lack of anything to wear.

Summer Wardrobe:

Winter Wardrobe:

I’m not counting my 2 Mouse House Creations Julia Cardis because neither is really what I want it to be.  Fit issues.

Skills acquired:

Pattern Grading, FBA, working with stretch lace, making adjustable straps, rivet installation, altering armscythe and sleeve, moving/splitting darts

Skills renewed or improved:

Sewing with knits, sewing on the bias


Fourteen new me mades, Plus some purchased foundation garments, sometimes this feels like a lot, because I’ve come a long way from cleaning out, to purchasing to actually making things.  Sometimes I can’t believe that’s it for a year.  I’ve prepped PDF’s and purchased patterns and fabric and learned some new skills along the way.  Some of those skills like pattern grading and FBAs can be very time consuming as I am having to rework and fit each pattern as I go, but as I redevelop my TNT pattern collection and practice, production should increase.  Also, I’ve made clothes for the kids and a baby quilt, plus all of the alterations and wrapped up my Presents for the Craftroom Series.

General Thoughts:

It seems my wardrobe could use a bit more color.  Some colorful projects are lined up, but my initial sewing heavily favored neutrals in order for the garments  to work with the place holders leftover from my RTW and then later with my me mades.  Spring should be a bit more colorful.  Expect some more purple and probably some blues and teals.  It’s also time to buckle down and make more tops.  Dresses are more fun and not much more work, but a few fun top patterns with feminine touches may help inspire me.

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