2015-12-21 006

Leading up to the holidays was all getting one more thing done just in time.  It was all anticipation for the kids.  I didn’t get excited until everything was ready and I knew my family would be opening presents in the morning.  All of that busy led me to skip a few  items.

When I first discovered the sewing/quilting/crafting blogosphere in addition to soaking up all of the glorious knowledge and projects I discovered that many bloggers and sponsors are generous enough to offer giveaways.  Lots of giveaways were entered, suddenly (quite some time later actually, but also quite unexpectedly) I was contacted about winning by Melissa of Happy Quilting.  A lovely gift certificate to Superior Threads came my way and I had a blast shopping.   Well,  these days I’m picky about giveaways and enter few, but I am trying to be more of a community participant.  Sadly, the Cashmerette sew-alongs haven’t been timed quite right for me and the Violette Field Threads sew-alongs haven’t quite been the right thing for me, but I have been participating in Scraptastic Tuesdays, as my quilting allows, and I’ve been trying to keep Kollabora and Pinterest somewhat better updated.   I was going to skip the whole #KollaboraHoliday thing, but I was posting my projects anyway and was caught by some of the awesome featured projects, so I joined in.  Truthrully, I was also drawn in by the Bernina mystery backpack, which it turns out, I won!  Winning is always so expected and so much fun.

What’s more this wasn’t my only recent win, in December I received Bobbin Buddies from Massdrop (shown above) as part of the November Scraptastic Tuesdays, which is hosted by Leanne of She Can Quilt and Nicky  of Mrs. Sew and Sow.  I anticipate the arrival of the Bernina Backpack toward the end of the month and will check back in to share it with you.  I want to thank all of those who have organized, sponsored and participated in each of these events and those who make similar events possible.  They have helped me to connect with the community and allow me to feel that same feeling of anticipation my children enjoy during the holidays.

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