Vintage Finds: Embroidered Linens Kits

Pillowcase 1 1 2016-01-10 005

The thrill of the thrift store is hard to beat.   You enter not knowing if there will be anything for you.  On our trips we most often leave with a couple of matchbox cars or something to add to the kids’ banging wall, but sometimes we find vintage fabric or most recently the mother load of vintage embroidery kits.

Vintage Linen Treasure Hoard 2016-01-08 001

Pillowcases, dresser scarves, quilt blocks and table cloths available at thrift store prices.  Who knew a girl’s dream (at least one of them) would come true on a quiet Friday ?

Art of Jazz Pillowcase.JPG

These pillowcases were stitched 17 years ago.  They’ve held up well, apart from the French knot centers on the upper pillowcase.    I  embroidered some tablecloths the year before these and they hooked me on this type of embroidery, which I find soothing and easy to work due to its lack of counting and interesting variety of stitches. (I had previously been a cross-stitcher.) Leaving Germany meant I no longer had the opportunity to haunt my local craft shop perusing the lovely tablecloth kits, and that tablecloth fabric became far more expensive and harder to obtain. Years of checking my local craft stores didn’t provide me with any kits I liked enough I’d want to live with them.  The small touches of beauty these offer brighten my day each time I see them around the house and some new projects are very welcome.

Rose Boquet Pillowcase Package 2016-01-17 005

I’ve started with this pillowcase set, changing the colors to suit me.

first pillowcase 1 2 2016-01-13 033

Unfortunately with it nearly finished, I misplaced my only skein of whatever the darker purple/red was and don’t seem to have any more of it in my (substantial stash).  I’ve stitched the remainder of this, leaving only the missing color unfinished and being impatient to stich more and not completely sold on the color combo I decided to change colors for the second pillowcase.

Rose Boquet Pillowcase Blue 2016-01-17 007


If you are curious these are a Vogart kit called Rose Bouquet which the internet tells me is from 1980.

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