Drapey Dreams vs. Washi Reality

2015-12-13 006

Did you catch this fabric in my post on swatch organization?  It’s fabulous.  It’s a really drapey fluid midweight jersey that has a lot of shine to it as it moves.  It will be a holiday dress.  It deserves to be a fabulous drapey holiday dress.

Unfortunately, the only knit dress I’ve sewn is the Cashmerette Appleton (awesomeness, not unfortunate to have sewn it), which does kind of need a 1-2″ FBA (for me), however, even with its simple lines I was a bit intimidated (The alteration has since happened and is ready to be tested).  The b cup based Wren which I’d been considering for my holiday dress needs a rather intimidating FBA and has more complicated lines.


Then I realized that I was in the same position I’d been in, in May, the last time I needed a nice dress.  I’d wanted to make a black dupioni Washi with long sleeves in black chiffon with white polka dots.  My woven FBA and grading weren’t up to par.  By the time the wedding rolled around I had made a Washi Muslin and purchased a passable sleeveless dress to wear.

That’s only 7 months ago, but it seems like a lifetime.  My Washi is perfected, I’ve FBA’d a Sugar Pop Top, a Union St. Tee, and the Sewaholic Renfrew, as well as, as the Washi and Seamworks Savannah.  It’s still not a lot, but I’m ready to move onto to playing with and rotating my bust darts more  and trying a princess seam FBA.  So here I was 6 months (at the time) later with holiday projects piling up and no time to do serious alterations and a muslin or two before cutting into my dream fabric.  Luckily, the realization that I was at the same place and that I just needed more time to be comfortable with new skills came the realization that I had black dupioni for a Washi.

Holiday Dress 2015

It being December and all, I decided to skip the chiffon sleeves and went for a variation on the long sleeve of the Washi using lace to create a channel for elastic on what would become a ruffled cuff.  I wanted to do the elastic just above the elbow to make a bell sleeve, but forgot about the elastic and narrowed the sleeve a bit which meant it didn’t work.  Changes may be made at some future date.   Thank you Washi for seeing me through once again, but please understand I’d like to see other patterns and maybe just get together again in a couple of years.

Holiday Dress Elbow

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