Propitious Finds

2015-11-03 026

This post was written way back on the first day of November, but it kept getting pushed back by more interesting thing and then it got lost…oops.

KCW Saturday saw me up early and then blessed with an odd child free hour as my family ran errands.  After doing my sewing I ran over to the neighbor’s yardsale.  Hopeful after finding a lovely full length mirror there last year, I quickly hit paydirt.  My first find was a pretty quilt…twenty five dollars.  The pattern is Grandmother’s Garden. EPP hexies are dreamy and intimidating.  I would take it if it wasn’t torn or badly stained.  Then I realized it was hand quilted and in perfect shape.

2015-11-03 028

Given the color choice for backing material and the age of all of the other handwork pieces in the yardsale, I’d guess it’s vintage.   The pin I found inside (not in, but inside) the quilt leads me to believe it never saw much use, which might be why it held up so well.

I picked up an old chandelier (not pictured) for it’s rainbow crystals.  The kids love making the rainbows dance each morning at breakfast as the sun shines through our collection of prisms.  O even likes to pretend to catch and eat the rainbows.  Now we’ll have more than ever.

New Camera

This beauty takes wonderful pictures and was a last minute addition to my loot as I hadn’t even noticed it on my way in, but a woman asked about it then decided not to purchase it as I was waiting to settle up.  I’d realized recently that my major issues with photos both for my blog and of the kids were because I use my ipod camera and they were only going to get worse as the days got shorter, light became more scarce and my husband could only be coerced into taking photos on weekend days (no light when he’s home during the week), when we were home and weather permitted.  The camera came with 2 lenses, a backpack, a tripod, a charger, cleaning supplies, connection cables, the manual and a book and dvd of the National Geographic Great Course on photography.  It was as if it was a custom made bundle just for me, just when I was seriously starting to need it.  The blog could suffer, but the kids just keep getting faster and I like to make sure distant family have access to current pictures that look like more than a blurry in motion backs of heads.  Unfortunately, this didn’t come with a SD card and unlike my old Canon it doesn’t store any pictures without one, which we found out on Halloween.

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