Flannel Matilda


Yule Matilda

Some pattern companies never seem to miss a beat.  Every pattern is gorgeous and enticing.  Violette Field Threads is one of my absolute favorites for girls patterns.  The garments are adorable and the patterns are well written.  A has been too small and growing too fast to merit sewing anything that complicated, but I did get to make a Vivienne skirt and a Ginger top for a friend. I’ve been waiting to make more Gingers (for A and I) and loads of Matildas and a few Rosemarys…

This is A’s first VFT a flannel Matilda.  It could use some more lace, but I made it extra long (3T length with a 2T width-why no 18m sizes VFT?) and didn’t add lace at the cuffs or hem because it is her holiday nightgown and comfort had to trump fanciness.  There should be a sash of coordinating green ribbon, but the ribbon is lost somewhere in my stash.

Yuletide Side

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