Reckoning Time

Times up!  Put down your needles, hooks and scissors, hang up your dye pots and spindles.  How did you do? Does your homemade holiday list keep getting longer?   I’ve been trying very hard to pare mine down to things I really want to make, not things I feel I should make.  A lot of projects that I wanted to do, but was way to stressed to make got cut.  Sorry folks, you don’t know who you are, but I couldn’t get that much quilting done this year.  Fortunately they are on the list for next year and if I start right after the holidays…maybe.   How well did I do?  I’m not sure.  It seems like both a lot and not very much.  Here’s a reckoning 3 ways:

By Project

1 Holiday Matilda

1 Holiday Washi Dress

1 Polo Shirt-dyed pink for O

1 cape-crocheted for A

These first projects will be posted soon.

1 sweater – a Mouse House Creations Julia cardigan in dusty plum for a friend that was wrapped without a picture being taken.  It featured the doubled hem, which I definitely prefer and was the same as the black sweater in this post (but fits my friend far better)

2 bags-Turtle Tote and the Christmas Birdhouse Bag

A's messenger bag with turtle 2015-12-17 026

3 ornamentsGingerbread House, Pinecone, Candlelight

Mill Hill Gingerbread House Mill Hill Pine Cone Ornament

Candlelight Ornament

4 boys bowties


+      11 reader pillows

2015-11-03 019

10 0f which are shown here


23 holiday gifts + 1  holiday dress for me

By Craft

22 sewn

4 stitched

11 quilted

1 dyed

1 crocheted

By Goal

Did I have fun?  Yes.

Did I learn something new?  Yes, several somethings.

Did I make someone happy?  Yes, several someones.

Looking at this, though they are by no means the only ones receiving handmade presents, O and A are clearly the focus this year; a conscious choice I made because these will be some of their earliest holiday memories.  I want them to think of the holidays not only (let’s be realistic here) as a time we buy things for people, but as a time that we put our time and effort into doing and making things that will make others happy. 

Happy Holidays,


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3 Responses to Reckoning Time

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  2. Thank you. Handmade cards are wonderful. A few friends are skilled in card making and always send such lovely cards whenever an occasion presents itself.

  3. atkokosplace says:

    Very crafty and talented. I like them all. I think handmade gifts are wonderful. My favorite are the handmade cards I get every year for my bday! Happy Christmas. Cheers, Koko:)

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