Turtle Mini Tote

A's messenger bag with turtle

Coffee slides down my throat, warmth edging toward hot and nearly burning.  My feet are up, my kids are sleeping.  A holiday treat from me to me in honor of quickly finishing this mini messenger bag for A.  It’s purse sized for an adult, but should be just right for her to collect and cart around whatever the treasures of the moment are.

A's messenger bag

A’s tote is based the free Kid-sized Messenger Bag Tutorial by Merriment Design with  a few changes.  First, I skipped the applique entirely, which significantly sped up the process.  Many of the construction steps were repetitive to my overworked mind so rather than sew on the straps, then the flap, then the lining, I pinned them all in their proper places and sewed the 1/2″ seam as a single step.  This was definitely faster.  The other change I made was to use a two inch strip of felt as an interfacing on the strap to make it stronger and to pad it a little.  A line of stitching down the center along with the two top stitching lines keeps the felt from bunching up.

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