Grandma, No Peeking

2015-12-17 025 My first fall EGA meeting inspired me to want to stitch again and I pulled out the ornaments kits I had purchased and got to work on those.   I purchased an awesome Halloween pattern, an indulgence for my favorite holiday.  A summer floral was justified, by my complete lack of ever stitching anything summery.  Why do they all feature sailboats and lighthouses anyway?  Does summer not get to happen away from the sea?  The third pattern I purchased was Christmas Birdhouse by Mani di Donna. With it’s lovely wooden button and adorable birds I knew it would be great for my grandparents.  Their home is beautifully and simply decorated so they don’t need anything else for their walls (after all my grandmother taught me to cross-stitch and she’s been able to create exactly those things she’d like on her walls).  What to do?

2015-12-17 026

This bag was the solution to my dilemma.  Making it of heavy muslin kept it simple enough to ensure that the focus is on the stitching. It is lined with the same muslin which handily covers the back of the stitching.  Tomorrow I’ll be filling it with some goodies and sending it on its way.

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