Miniature Pink Bowties

Last year there was a bowtie in O’s stocking.  Dr. Who made bowties cool.  It’s true because Dr. Who said it on TV.  So O enthusiastically wears his bowtie on special occasions or with his pajamas or with his Big Bad Wolf Costume or just whenver.  It’s a crowd pleaser; however he chooses to style it.  This year his favorite color is pink (and blue, but mostly pink).  He’s getting some pink minion pajamas, a pink rugby shirt (provided I get the dyeing right) and these.  The pattern dimensions are from the tutorial at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, but I wanted adjustable bowties so I used hardware rather than velcro, which would quickly become fuzzed up or ill fitting at O’s age.  If you lose all of the hooks from the set of 10 bowtie hardware  you get at Wawak when you are trying to turn your craftroom back into a guestroom, Joann’s  has individual sets for $3.49 each.

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