Disastrous Thinking


It’s the time of year when budgets are a bust and we give to pretty much everyone we know, but there are still so many people who don’t have food, clean water,  a bed, education or many things we take for granted on a daily basis. Let alone a sewing machine, electricity, fabric and fibers to play with. To think that someone else will take care of these problems is disastrous thinking.  We are someone and we can help.

Worldbuilders is an awesome charity that raises money for an amazing charity called Heifer International which changes lives in tangible ways providing basic needs, empowering women and supporting sustainable agriculture, in addition to helping people to help themselves by providing them with animals.   I don’t have the words to describe how wonderful these charities are.  Maybe you don’t want to/can’t donate, but you could read about them and spread the word. (A quick spoiler all funds raised by Worldbuilders go to Heifer, so don’t be concerned about the middleman’s cut.)

My family donated to this years’ Worldbuilders’ Fundraising Campaign.  Then donated again when matching funds were available.  Today when the fundraiser was extended to try to do even more (after already having met its goals) because matching funds were available again we didn’t really have more money to give, but  author Patrick Rothfuss who runs WorldBuilders made such a moving argument. We donated again.  Because I really believe in these charities and the good they do.  I am sharing this with you.



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