Getting Organized: Fabric Swatches

2015-12-13 006

How do you keep track of your fabrics?  By color or content or use? I’ve been buying and using lots of new fabrics lately and want to be able to keep info about each, namely the type, width, fiber content, sourcing info (including regular and sale prices), and for knits the stretch.

2015-12-13 010

Enter the index card to which I also attach a swatch of each fabric.

2015-12-13 008

Some online shops even make note of most of the pertinent info on the stickers, which can be moved to a card.  This one is still waiting for stretch and recovery calculations.

2015-12-13 003

An old recipe box offers them a home for the time being.   The recipe indexing cards are now fabric type labels organized by weight roughly from lighter to heavier with knits and wovens separate.  Fabric may still get lost in totes, but when I pull something I should be able to match it up to its swatchcard and have all of the pertinent info at hand.  If I have several colors or colorways of the same fabric I may attach a small piece of each to the same card so that I can match colors to names if I want to reorder, but save time and space, if the colors aren’t similar maroon and navy vs. navy and dusty navy I just list the colors. As I make things I list them on the card too possibly with a notation of whether the fabric worked particularly well or really didn’t work.

Do you swatch your fabrics?  How do you know what you have on hand?

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2 Responses to Getting Organized: Fabric Swatches

  1. I’m considering numbering my totes and adding the tote number to the cards, but things move from tote to tote for maximum fabric storage efficiency.

  2. I really ought to do something like this! …my stash is out of control! 🙂

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