Give and Give again Stocking Stuffers: Part 2 Paper and Tape

Stocking Unloading

Last year’s list of Gifts to Give and Give again for sewing enthusiasts  should still be handy for this year, but during the last year I have spent a lot of time sewing garments rather than quilts.  It’s a bit different and a few more things can be added to the list if the sewist in your life sews garments.

swedish tracing paper

This is great for muslining without wasting valuable fabric. It’s malleable, can be sewn.  You can write on it without even marker bleeding through.  You can reuse it for small projects and eventually recycle it.
medical pattern paper

Sorry no link for this, but I’ve always found it with a quick ebay search.  It’s wonderful for tracing patterns and making adjustments.  Much sturdier and larger than tissue paper, but still semi transparent.  It’s also still thin enough fold and store easily enough.

scotch tape

This can be used during alterations, but is mostly for those who use PDF’s.   They need lots.  If they don’t have a dispenser an inexpensive one can save them lots of time and effort.

wonder tape

This double sided, press apply, stitchable wash away tape is great for holding zippers in place during insertion or for stabilizing knit hems among other things.  It’s also very handy when you are applying trims or decorative edgings.

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