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Flannel Matilda

  Some pattern companies never seem to miss a beat.  Every pattern is gorgeous and enticing.  Violette Field Threads is one of my absolute favorites for girls patterns.  The garments are adorable and the patterns are well written.  A has been … Continue reading

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Seek and Avoid

My Wishlist: Girls’ dresses (particularly winter) that cover their butts. Children’s clothes that are made of warm material rather than paper thin waffleweave long john knit/denim/fleece. Pink-for boys Not-Pink (or princess, or cupcake-I’m okay with butterflies and flowers) for girls. Pink is probably … Continue reading

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Reckoning Time

Times up!  Put down your needles, hooks and scissors, hang up your dye pots and spindles.  How did you do? Does your homemade holiday list keep getting longer?   I’ve been trying very hard to pare mine down to things I really … Continue reading

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Yuletide Candlelight

A final ornament stitched just in time.  Candlelight is my third Mill Hill ornament kit this year.  From the package picture this was my favorite ornament.  I’m a sucker for candles, but from the stitched project the Pinecone Ornament is more … Continue reading

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Turtle Mini Tote

Coffee slides down my throat, warmth edging toward hot and nearly burning.  My feet are up, my kids are sleeping.  A holiday treat from me to me in honor of quickly finishing this mini messenger bag for A.  It’s purse … Continue reading

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Grandma, No Peeking

 My first fall EGA meeting inspired me to want to stitch again and I pulled out the ornaments kits I had purchased and got to work on those.   I purchased an awesome Halloween pattern, an indulgence for my favorite holiday.  … Continue reading

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Miniature Pink Bowties

Last year there was a bowtie in O’s stocking.  Dr. Who made bowties cool.  It’s true because Dr. Who said it on TV.  So O enthusiastically wears his bowtie on special occasions or with his pajamas or with his Big … Continue reading

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