Warning: Hide and Seek May Ensue

french terry renfrew muslin

Yet another just post tuck in photo

This cowl is baby approved.   A pulls it up over my head making me disappear, waits a moment, laughing maniacally, then pulls it down to make sure I still exist.   She repeats this until tickled into submission.

This is the Renfrew Muslin in maroon French Terry that preceded the Amelia and Kit Renfrews.  Cozy and Comfy.  I’d like to tell you that you won’t have to see any more Renfrews for a while, but Fabricmart.com has had Ponte Knit on sale for $3.99/yard and a few pieces showed up on my doorstep.  Lovely fabric, I’m trying to find something else to use it on, but it’s perfect for the Renfrew, which is just sitting there already adjusted and waiting…

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