Ameliorated Renfrew

Renfrew leaning

The Sewaholic Renfrew is a fun pattern and looks great on the pear shaped folk it was designed for, but for an hour glass figure it needed some adjustments.  A touch of improvement (from an hourglass point of view) and I’m a bit closer to a winter wardrobe.

The challenge:

add 5 inches to the bust

Number of successful knit FBA’s previously completed:


Fabric Notes:

I don’t know that I would describe the best fabrics for this project as “stable” as the envelope suggests, because that is a bit vague.  From what I’ve seen online, I’d go with medium weight with excellent recovery and then provide a recommended minimum amount of stretch.  What that minimum is I don’t know yet.  My muslin was from 100% cotton French Terry in maroon.  My follow up was a quilted poly/cotton knit.  Both are super cozy and look nice, but aren’t really flattering, only okay, possibly because while my waist is nine inches smaller than my bust and hips those two things are nowhere near that far apart.  All you ladies with a nice long midriff I envy you.


With my thick yet stretchy fabrics a traditional FBA was out so, I Initially I tried a Y FBA without a dart, but this put way to much extra fabric in the shoulders and underarm.  Luckily, I received my Colette Wren Bundle of 2 patterns (Wren and Moneta for me, if you’re curious) and the Colette Guide to Sewing Knits.  The super easy addition of a crescent of fabric at the side seam as instructed in the guide along with a 1″ vertical only FBA such as I tried on the Union St. Tee combined to give me the space I needed.  I was then able to redraw the side seam a bit more like the original.  The lines aren’t quite the same, but its pretty close apart from the extra crescent.

The sleeves were a bit long so I shortened them by 2″.  On the French terry I did this by simply cutting the final two inches off and on the quilted knit I made the alteration on the pattern, by folding out the same amount just below the elbow.

Renfrew Standing Post

You’ve probably heard by now that it’s a nice pattern to sew.  It works up relatively quickly probably in about 4 or 5 hours (including cutting) once you have your pattern adjusted.  The markings are few, but helpful and the pieces are simple.  There just aren’t any complicated construction techniques required for this top even if you are making the cowl necked version.  Not only do the cuffs and waistband make this easier to sew and beginner friendly they are a really nice design detail that dress this up just a touch.  I’ll be making another soon.

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