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Catch It While You Can

My craftroom today…I wish. The whole story might be a bit more like this.  I’d like to paint the walls cream to match the over window shelves, however, other rooms need painting more. As crazy as some of this looks … Continue reading

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Warning: Hide and Seek May Ensue

Yet another just post tuck in photo This cowl is baby approved.   A pulls it up over my head making me disappear, waits a moment, laughing maniacally, then pulls it down to make sure I still exist.   She repeats this until tickled … Continue reading

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Kit Renfrew

My copy of the Sewaholic Renfrew was a Craftsy sale purchase and came with some black knit, ponte, I think.  As I was getting out my quilted jersey I realized the fabric on top of the stack was the kit … Continue reading

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First Finish

My first finish in a long time.  Goodness it feels good to get back to stitching.  I’ve really missed it, my first fiber love.    This very simple project is one of 3 Mill Hill kits I hope to finish for … Continue reading

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Ameliorated Renfrew

The Sewaholic Renfrew is a fun pattern and looks great on the pear shaped folk it was designed for, but for an hour glass figure it needed some adjustments. A touch of improvement (from an hourglass point of view) and I’m a bit closer to a winter wardrobe. Continue reading

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Scrap Sorting and Storage

Window Scrap Baskets in Use Today, I used up quite a few purple scraps from one of my window baskets. There are more window baskets than there used to be , but still Orange/Yellow, White, Dark Blue, and Brown are still … Continue reading

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Snuggly Snowy Sweater Leggings

These go with the last sweater dress or either of the flannel tunics that Old Navy sold as dresses or anything really.  I used a pair of jeans to determine the crotch length, adding an inch for the elastic casing … Continue reading

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