KCW day 7: Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden Washi

KCW day 7=Fail.  I wrapped my mind around the how to and got sweater sleeve leggings cut out for A.  Then the day filled with baking, cooking, cleaning, hosting and 2 small children. After tucking the little ones in I sat down for just a moment…Sleep.  So much for finishing a final project during KCW.  Since there hasn’t been sewing time today either, the leggings will have to wait.   Midnight Garden is a post I prepped just before KCW took over.

Do you ever get stuck on a pattern or a type of fabric?  Apparently Washi and floral are happy places for me.  This one was mentioned in a recent post and I thought I should share it, since it turned out so well.  Washi is officially a TNT pattern now.  No more adjustments or pattern tracing.  This has all the same alterations as Autumn Sky with 2 more inches added to the sleeves and the elastic left off the sleeves.  The bell sleeve appealed to me.  If I ever feel ambitious and rich in spare time I may narrow the sleeves a little near the elbow and out toward the wrist.

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