KCW Fall 2015 Days 5 & 6: Winsome Refashioned Nightie

Upcycled Nighty

A will get a chance to wear this for the first time tonite.

Soon to be nightgowns

It is made from a set of PJ’s that included the tank on the left.  The tank didn’t provide enough fabric for A’s nightgown so I cut the sleeves and bodice portion from the matching pants and pieced the front and back.  If you are wondering this is another A-line Baby Dress from Mamma Can Do It Patterns.  This pattern has gotten quite a work out as I use it to get the length for some of my refashions and have pulled it out for at least 2 other  KCW’s (here and here).

 Back Bodice Seam

Back Bodice Seam Outside

The back of the tank was solid which provided more fabric than the front which allowed me to piece using a regular seam, but it became the back of the nightie because there wasn’t enough to match up the patterns on the fabric.  It hasn’t been ironed here.

Front Bodice Seam

Front Bodice Lace

The front was just little shy of enough for a proper seam so I just overlapped the fabrics and stitched them together.  Even though the pattern happened to match up nicely the seam was pretty messy.  Some lace from the tank reinforced and covered the seam area.    The neckband came from one of the straps on the tank.   Any ideas as to what else I could make out of the rest of the pants and tank?

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