Fall 2015 KCW: Snowy Upcycled Dress

Snowy Upcycled DressIt’s the return of upcycling sweaters to make warm dresses that will cover A’s bottom and some of her legs.  She gets cold easier than ever now that she is on the run and losing her baby fat.  This was a Land’s End 100% cotton sweater with a small stain on it.  Restyled in the same fashion as these sets from last year, by cutting off the sides, adding an arm scythe and then sewing up the sides and tucking the edge of the armscythe in and sewing it down.  It’s white for now, but will likely get dyed after she’s worn it once and stained it irrevocably.  The sleeves are set to become leggings too.  I used her nightgown from next year to size and style this set.  The nightgown is based on the A-line Baby Dress by Mamma Can Do It.

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